Tuesday 11 December 2012

Dotty Background Tutorial

Hi Everyone,

I have a little tutorial for you today on creating dotty backgrounds.  When you colour an image sometimes it can look flat.  You can make it pop by adding a background and I thought I'd show you how I do it.

I have used my colour wheel to help me decide which colours to use. I have chosen a Triadic Colour.  This is 3 colours from the colour wheel that form a triangle, as seen in the below picture.  These colours are all different but when used together in the right proportions will create the perfect balance.

I always start by topping up my Colourless Blender marker so it is nice and juicy and a good flow of ink.
Work in small areas and quickly.  Start with the blender and lay down some ink from the side of your image outwards.

Then add some random dots of one of your chosen colours.  I have used V12 but I managed to cut it out of the picture, oops! Then go back with your colourless blender pen and blend.

I then added some random dots of V17 and immediately went back in with my colourless blender to blend again.

Now do the same adding this time BG72. Don't forget to blend again with the colourless blender.

And again with YG93.  I think your getting the idea now.

Ensure each time that you blend with that colourless blender.

Go back in with any colour that you think is lacking.  I went back in with the V17.

Personally I like some depth so I have added some C5.  This is down to preference but I really want it to stand out.

You can see it progressing now.

Continue all the way around your image.

I still wasn't happy with the depth so I have added some black polychromo pencil and blended out with Sansador and a paper stump. If you are going to do this you MUST ensure you are finished with your copics, you don't want to damage the nibs.

Here's the result.

Image was a freebie on last months Docrafts Art Deco Magazine

Dress V17, V15, V12, V000
Skin E000, E00, E01, E11
Black C7, C5, C3

Dotty Background: V12, V17, BG72, YG93, C5 and Black Polychromo Pencil

Hugs Tracy x


Caroline said...

Tracy the background looks fantastic thank you for the tutorial. Caroline xxx

Sue said...

WOW! A wonderful tutorial Tracy, thank you for sharing. Just need to keep some Copics now!!


Grenouille Greetings said...

Thank you, Tracy, for the tutorial. I've used dots befoe but never thought to use the blender and obviously it makes a world of difference judging by your beautiful card! Hugs, Lesley

Hos Egebjerg said...

Thank you for sharing the beautiful tutorial. Wishing you and your family a wonderful day.

Jane said...

Fantastic, not sure what impressed me most, your card or the use of the word Triadic!!!! LOL

Alyce Kit and Clowder said...

Just stunning Tracy!! I love those colours together...I wouldnt have expected it and it just works so well!!! Amazing work as always :)

Lau W said...

OMG !! Just fabulous !!!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the great tutorial! I always wanted to try that technique. Beautiful color choices too!

Shelly Schmidt said...

A beautiful technique- and you card is stunning! Thanks so much for the visual tutorial- love the look and the depth you achieved.

Christina C. said...

Gasp!!!! Gorgeous!!!! Will have to try your technique....absolutely phenomenal!

Astrid said...

Wowww, this looks fabulous, thank you so much for this tutorial !!

hugs Astrid